Salt system unit problems

We have replaced our cell and the power cord to the cell and over the last 3 pool seasons (on Aquatech’s recommendation) due to a recurring ‘low amps-check cell reading’ on our salt unit. Now this season this same reading is occuring and the Chlorine levels drop to 0. Last week chemicals fine and this week Cl 0 and when unit checked it again gave me the same reading. What should I do now considering we have replaced just about everything at a significant cost with no resolution?


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    Lisa several scenarios individually and or combined can cause the “Low amps-check cell message”. The most common scenarios would be salt level in the pool being below 3000ppm. If this is the case simply raise your salt level to 3000ppm. A scaled or dirty cell. Usually running the cell through a cell cleaner will clean it enough to make the Low amps message go away. A loose, broken or dirty connection where the cell cable connects to the cell and or the power supply unit. Moisture at the connections to the cell can cause the Low Amps message. Check and clean and dry out all connections and re-fasten to the cell and power supply. Eroded cell blades can cause the Low Amps message. Replace the cell if this is the case. A bad power supply can cause the Low Amps message. Replace the power supply if this is the case. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Mineral Springs System.

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