Pumps and not heating

Trying to determine if i need a new circuit board or new pumps. The pumps dont kick in to heat water, the water heat light is on and red on the control panel, but water does not heat up. Also when I press pump 1 I only get 2 speeds not 3. Pump 2 does not turn on the waterfall either.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Carol. What make and model spa do you have?

  2. tyler james shorrocks


    so the other day i went to use my tub and the power was out(gfci tripped). it would not stop tripping, not even enough time to run out and see what the top panel said.

    so i disconnected the 2 wires on the front to the heater, managed the get it running long enough to run out there, nothing on the panel but still the gfci tripped after a 30 seconds or so.

    so after that i unplugged the circ pump, viola it wasnt tripping, so i figured it was a bad pump, have the upgraded pump(black) replaced the old blue one, plugged it back in and same thing, with the circ pump connected it tripped the breaker.

    checking voltage at the heater i have 0v, i should have 240v.

    so now i have the circ pump plugged in, those 2 wires off the heater, next step i did was unplug the flow switch and now i have circulation but no heat still(im guessing because its not getting a signal from the flow switch being disconnected), and the gfci isnt tripping.

    what gives? is the board bad? or the heater? where do i go from here?

    • Nigel


      What’s your make, model and serial number of the spa Tyler?

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