Pump Noise

  • Hi,
    i opened my pool as I usually do and when I started the pump it was making more noise than usual. It seems to be pumping fine and the pressure is okay. I have not seen any evidence of any leaks from the pump.
    Rather than the low hum it normally makes it sounds louder and makes almost a ringing sound as if someone was hitting a metal can in extremely rapid succession. I checked the opening where the impeller is that there was some debris in there so i cleaned it out as best as i could and that seemed to quiet it a bit. That said it is still making too much noise.
    It is a Hayward Super Pump that is 4 years old.
    Thank you


  1. Nigel


    Hi James. Sound like the bearings may be worn. Did you want a service Tech to come out with a new pump for you? The super pumps on average seem to last somewhere between 4 and 6 years.

  2. James


    The bearings cannot just be replaced?

    • Nigel


      James you could likely find someone locally to replace bearings. They would likely do a fine job. My experience is a bearing job lasts maybe on average 1-2 years and then you are changing them again. Trouble is they are done on a bench with human hands as opposed to a new pump being tooled at the factory with machines. Replacing bearings twice is the cost of a pump comparable to a Super pump new.

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