Pump and Filter Operation–Sand Filter

Normal Operation
Valve on suction is open
Dial Valve indicator on filter
Pump switch is on

Whatever the pressure gauge reads after the filter has been backwashed will be the normal setting for your filter. When the pressure raises 5 lbs. above the normal pressure setting, the filter needs backwashing.

Normal Setting: ______________ Backwash Setting:______________

To Backwash
Turn heater off and wait 20 minutes.
Turn pump off
Turn dial indicator to backwash position
*Shut valve on suction line
*Remove hair and lint cover
*Clean basket and replace
*Replace hair and lint cover
*Open valve on suction line
Extend backwash hose (be sure the hose is not crimped)
Switch pump on
Allow pump to run 2 minutes or until water coming out of the backwash hose runs clear
Switch pump off
Turn dial indicator to rinse position
Switch pump on and allow to run for 10 seconds
Switch pump off
Turn dial indicator valve to the filter position
Switch pump on and resume normal operation.

*If the basket is dirty, these steps are required.

To Vacuum Pool
Remove skimmer basket and clean, then replace the basket into the skimmer
Attach vacuum handle and head to hose and place in pool
Attach vacuum plate to hose
Fill hose with water by placing over return
Place vacuum plate over basket

To Install Kreepy Krauly or Pool Shark
Place Kreepy or Pool Shark into pool
Fill hose with water as above
Remove skimmer basket, place hose into the hole furthest from pool or place Kreepy Krauly vacuum plate over basket and use as above

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