Problem with installation of Light controller DCU 6560-135

Hello, I have bought a DCU light controller for sundance spa part 6560-135 a little less than a year ago (order #100002239) and just got down to installing it. My previous one had transistors burned on it. My hot tub is a Sundance Cameo 2011. The original DCU was different. I believe it was an 6560-134. The original board has the indication PCB-706-Rev 5.

My problem is that the light wont stay on. The only way the light stay on is if I hold the “light mode” button in a specific sequence. Then I will have the three lights ON either blue, green or red depending on the sequence. At this time, I have only 3 lights connected that I am sure are not defective (two handrail lights and the well light). The DCU is connected with the red wire that does not have the “switched” label on it and voltage provided by my control board is 14.0 volts.

Can you tell me what to do to fix this problem. Is it possible that the DCU I received is defective ?

Thank you.


  1. Nigel


    Philippe, you want to be using the wires labeled switched.

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