pro 3 tect

how can i tell if my new optima delivered today had the pro 3 tect installed? is there an indicator light?


  1. Nigel


    Peter there is no topside monitor light for the pro 3 tect. On the Tect box itself in the equipment bay area there is a small view port. When the Tect is on you will see a glow through that port. The Tect runs when your circulation pump and ClearRay run.

    • Peter Glena


      I tried looking, do you mean where the electrical box is? Where I need to unscrew?

      I see the ClearRay with the power on and the circulating pump and the electrical but no signs of the Pro3tect, I am having a feeling that it might not of been installed.

      • Nigel


        Peter the Pro 3 Tect box should be behind either the right side front or left side front panel. It will be about the size or a little bigger then say a cigarette pkg. Should have the view port on it. You’ll need a phillips screwdriver to remove the skirt screws on either one or both of those panels.

  2. Peter Glena


    Thanks, it was in the left panel side, thanks for the help,


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