Pool plumbing leak

I am looking for a quote and tracing and repairing a suspected leak in the suction side of my pool plumbing. There are fine bubbles showing from the returns and the water level in our 14′ x 28′ rectangular inground pool drops about one inch in five days after which it seems to stop losing water.


  1. Nigel


    Glenn, if the pool drops 1″ and levels off but the pump continues to circulate it sounds like you may have a breach in the pool itself and not the plumbing. Easy way to tell would be fill the pool back up to that one inch level you lost, put a tape mark on the skimmer at that level. Shut the pump off, put your winterizing plugs in the return outlets and the skimmer inlets and watch to see if the water drops in the pool in a 24hr period. If it still drops you have an issue in the pool structure ie liner and or main drain in pool if you have one.

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