Pool heater indicates way too high so can not adjust temperature to start the heater.

I have a Sta-Rite SR200NA heater. The control pad incorrectly indicates the pool is at 126 degrees. I can not adjust the pool heater to allow the heater to fire as it is limited to 104 degrees. What needs to be replaced to indicate a proper temperature reading of the water so the pool heater will Fire? Would it be the high limit switch or the thermistor?



  1. Nigel


    Mike if the temperature in your pool is not unusually hi you may have a bad thermistor. If all else fails contact your local Pentair/Sta-Rite Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm heater.

  2. Alan


    The water temp is 100 but the heater says 85 so it just keeps heating. Is this the thermistor? I can adjust the heat digatally and the unit shuts off or comes on if I raise the temp.

    • Nigel


      Alan, is this a pool heater or a hot tub? What make and model?

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