Pool filter issue?

It seems like my Hayward sand filter works normally, except when I’m cleaning it. When I Backwash it for a couple minutes, it’s ok. Then I rinse it for a minute and it’s ok. Then when I move it back to filter, it spews a little sand out the jet. Looks like I’ve lost a bunch of sand this year. What might my issue be and how do I fix it?


  1. Nigel


    Ken try holding a skimmer sock in front of the jet to catch the debris coming through. If it is actually silica sand coming through then you have an issue in the tank. If the filter is anything over 5yrs old and you have silica sand coming back into the pool I would recommend replacing the filter. If it’s not silica sand you will have to vacuum that debris to a skimmer sock and waste til it is removed from the filter.

  2. Ken Chubaty


    Thanks – would I be able to try to top up the sand and see if that fixes it? Where would I be able to buy silica sand? I’m not sure replacing the whole filter is necessary, I should be able to fix whatever is broken, no?

    • Nigel


      If you are losing sand, topping it up will not correct the issue. 1065 Dugald Road. If you are losing sand I would recommend that. I don’t know. Have you fixed one before?

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