Pool draining

Dawn has an indoor spa and was wondering if she should just drain it for the summer time as it gets really hot in the room where the spa is. She was also wanting additional information on any products that she may need to purchase to do so.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Dawn. Humidity and ambient heat are always a concern with indoor spa locations. If you can create a balance with de-humidification and air conditioning in that room you could keep the spa running and also leave the room comfortable through the summer months.
    If you elect to drain the spa for the summer we would recommend adding a flushing agent through the plumbing before draining the spa for the summer. Once the agent has circulated through the plumbing you can shut off the power to the spa and drain the water in the shell with a sump pump or by gravity with a garden hose. Below are a couple of suggested links we offer through our online store. The Trio kit is a good kit if you want to drain now and have some chemicals leftover in the fall to start things up again. The swirl away is a good product if you just want to drain the spa now and worry about it again in the fall:



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