Pipe continually pops of Sand Filter Connection

I have an 18′ above ground pool with a sand filtration system, and I’ve had this pool for over 10 years and never had a problem like this. I perform regular weekly maintenance, checking that all components, water levels and pressure and balance the chemicals. A week ago today, the outtake pipe from the sand filter popped off and a good portion of my pool drained into my yard. Not knowing what could have caused this I approached Aqua-Tech this past Saturday and after an short explanation it was thought to replace the pipe coming off the filter and possibly the PVC connector piece (both original). Took off the old and replaced it refilled my pool, started circulation an immediately it popped off again. After trial and error adjustments in the clamp holding it together, I got it to hold… or so I thought. Monitored in for the first 24 hours and it seemed OK. Come Monday while I was at work, I got a frantic call from my wife that it popped off again…with water everywhere again. I’m beside myself, I have no idea what could be causing this or how to even troubleshoot it. When I call Aqua-Tech yesterday they recommend I post on here to see if anyone had any ideas or advice. Thanks in advance for any and all advice related to resolving this.


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    Jason, try double clamping that hose but staggering the clamps so you put even pressure on either side of the fitting. You could also replace that white fitting with another fitting that is a barb end. Also you could replace the corrugated hose with a vinyl pvc heavy duty pressure style hose. Always double clamp and stagger the clamps for even pressure.

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