Pentair Ultratemp

Our heat pump was installed a month ago and it is not working. The error message is “high refrig” and “five alarms” we have adequate water flow through the pump. It will turn on for a minute then kicks out and delays for the 3 minutes and tries again. Pump pressure is 12


  1. Nigel


    Hi Anna. Some things you could try on your own:
    -Cycle heat pump off and on 3 times
    -Try running the pool briefly without the filter cartridges ie 15-20min to see if the Heat pump starts and runs
    -Take care that both the skimmer basket at pool side is clean and the basket in the pool pump is clean
    -Make sure your water level is at minimum half way up the pool skimmer and there are no restrictions and the weir gate is free to move up and down
    *FIVE ALARMS: Indicates 5 faults have occurred in 1 hr. The fault will automatically reset in 1 hr or can be manually reset by pressing the ON/OFF button. If you manually reset this check the heat pump over the next few minutes/hours to see if alarm appears again. This alarm most likely caused the FIVE ALARMS in one hour.

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