Penair IC40 System

You installed a new Pentair system this week as the old system went down.
The setting was set to 20%, but due to the rain and the old system not producing chlorine, I moved it up to 40%. I checked last night and the chlorine was now up a little too high so I tried moving the system down to 20%. The touchpads allow me to go up by the 20% increments, and go down but only to 40%. I can not get the down touchpad to go from 40% to 20%. At 40% it will be producing too much chlorine.
As this system is new to me, am I missing something or is there an issue with the touchpad?


  1. Nigel


    Keith you should be able to move the level to 20% by simply pressing the lower button. You can move the level to 0% but simply pressing the lower button when the 20% light is on. If this does not happen trying unplugging the unit for 5 min and then plugging it back in. Wait til the IntelliChlor re-boots and try the lower button again. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic of your Pentair IntelliChlor.

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