OH code

I bought a plug ‘n play hot tub second hand – a dream maker spa X-400. It keeps overheating with OH code. I had heat sensors checked, changed the filter and it still overheats. The company who tested the heat sensors told me this is normal for a plug ‘n play hot tub to overheat a lot. Is this true??


  1. Nigel


    Hi Rachael. The trouble with most of the dream maker spas is they don’t have a stand alone “heater”. They have a water jacket around the pump to transfer pump motor heat to the spa water. Saves you some energy in one way but can cause the OH message especially in warmer climates or on warmer days. Kinda a catch 22 where if you want hot water you need the pump running but if you want the water cooler you have to shut the pump off.

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