New control board P.N. 4PB00931D

Install reading Celsius need to read in Fahrenheit How do I change it


  1. Nigel


    Steve what make and model spa do you have and what year was it built? This info can be found on the i.d sticker near the Sentry Control Box.

  2. Steve Barron


    My tube is a 2001 Palermo I have corrected the problem with reading Celsius by removing the jumper on 7-8 pins. Now to find out that when the tech installed it They put one of the power wires on the neutral spade single phase the hole system I need to know power confirmation on the board to get it wired properly I hope there is no damage to the board. It cost me $800.00 dollars

    • Nigel


      Steve depending on the revision of board you have installed you can trace your power in/power out connections on the diagram that is affixed to the rear of the Sentry Control box cover. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Palermo spa.

  3. Bob Watts


    installed new control board Part # 4PB00931D in a 2005 Sundance Palermo spa. 2 pumps. Keeps blinkimg can’t get it to program. Any sugestions?

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