My UV system can’t hold pressure

My UV pressure gage reads low. It goes to 0 pressure quickly even after a recent filter clean. Sometimes in less than a day. We have cleaned the filter at least 5 times this year (sometimes a good rinse and sometimes chemically cleaned) and pressure readings on the UV pump start at 10 and deteriorate quickly. Pressure reduces to 0 within a day or two and then there is not enough pressure for UV to work or to get the heat pump to work. I also can never run the heat pump at the same time as the shark as there is never enough pressure to do both so we tend to take the shark out during day time and run the heat pump only in the day. The pressure in the filter seems fine. Something changes when it goes to the UV. Any suggestions?


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    Sandra your UV sanitizer is a PVC chamber with a quartz tube, UV bulb, electrical ballast and a psi switch. If the psi gauge on the outside of the chamber is reading normal and then drops to 0 in a day it all comes back to the circulation/filteration system on your pool. While it is possible for the PVC chamber to plug up and reduce flow I have never seen this before. There are 4 topics in our community under the Frequently asked questions section: My Filter psi gauge is reading low, Suction on my pool pump is weak, I have to clean my pool filters everyday and My filter psi gauge is reading hi. All low psi readings on psi gauges relate usually to plugged filter baskets or plugged pump impellors. I’d ask you to read these trouble shooting procedures first and if all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your pool.

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