Max E Therm 200 Heater

My heater’s temp controls are non-responsive to any input.

Is there something I need to do to reset the heater?



  1. Nigel


    Is the service system or service heater light on Jeremy?

  2. Jeremy Tataryn


    The heater service and system service lights are not on.

    • Nigel


      You could try and cut power to the heater at your breaker. Restore power after 10min to see if heater works. If it still doesn’t work cut the power again. Remove the two cabinet pieces to expose the inside of the heater. Remove the two upper pins to release the membrane pad and turn the membrane pad over. Remove the ribbon connector cable from the circuit board. Restore power to the heater. With a flat head screwdriver, jump the two pins on the board that are closest to the yellow Max set button on the board. If the heater turns on you could have a bad membrane pad. If the heater does not turn on you could have a bad board.

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