Hope your having a great spring!

Quick question about our tub:

The tub jets/motor seems to run automatically at different times when not using. Haven’t noticed this before. Also our flow light is not in sequence with the rest of the lights….when lights are blue, its red. And after tonight’s use the lights stopped completely.

Let us know what we can do on our end.

Thank you,


  1. Nigel


    Hi Cassie. Depending how you have your spa programmed you could see pumps turn on automatically at different times. You have your primary, secondary and heating modes. Beyond that there is also a cleanup cycle at noon and a blow out cycle at start up or after exiting a service lock. Programming instructions start on Pg 54 of your owners manual. With respect to the lighting I would advise you try to power cycle the spa for a 5min period ie shut the GFCI breaker off for 5min and see if that corrects the lighting. You could also check the MinDin connections at the yellow DCU box inside the spa cabinet that all the cables are connected correctly and haven’t vibrated loose. If this all checks out you may need a service Tech to have a look at it. Please contact our Service Support Desk if all else fails.

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