Jacuzzi j470 error

I have a error code low flow switch error. I emptied the tub and refilled it. So the code is still there. Check for air locks etc from everything I read. Also it is not heating up at all.. Also where you put the filter there is a cover that goes up and down in the water .. It is not going down and I don’t feel any water being sucked into the hole. Is it because the flow switch error.. that probably is not making the water get sucked down to the filter hole…

Hope this make sense



  1. Nigel


    Sounds like it could be a blocked circulation pump or circulation line, bad connection to the circulation pump and or a bad circulation pump Anthony. Check for voltage at the circ pump test points on the board for starters to see if it is getting voltage. If you have voltage but no water movement through that pump you will not have any heat and the FLO message will come up. Let me know if you need a new pump. I can help you with that.

  2. John Himmel


    I have a 2005 Sundance Cameo. I just changed the water and installed a new filter. Upon turning the tub back on I had a FLO2 error code. I unplugged the flow switch from the panel and the error cleared and the tub heated up and jets ran. Now the tub is in FLO. If I unplug and plug the flow switch back in it clears for 10 seconds and returns to FLO. If I unplug and plug back in and immediately turn on the pumps, they will run for their 20 minute cycle and turn off and then the FLO error returns.

    • Nigel


      Sounds like it could be a bad connection at the Flow switch or a bad flow switch John if your filter is clean and you have good water flow when it is circulating.

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