The salt output lights are blinking green. They are usually steady. Is this a concern. There seems to be no other problem.


  1. Kathi B


    Hi Barry – that is a great question – thank you for asking!
    Is it the “salt level” light that is flashing?

    Have you tested the chlorine reading in the pool with test strips to ensure it is between 1-3 ppm – it has been a challenging week for chlorine this week 🙂

  2. Barry Bermack



    It is the sanitizer output lights that are blinking. And it is not in boost. The pool chlorine levels between 3 and 5. It was quite high several days ago when it was tested at your place and has come down to between 3 and 5. The pool is otherwise fine.

    • Kathi B


      Thanks Barry! Since your IntelliChlor is a 2011 model or later the five LED indicators display as a bar graph to show the cell output in either 2% or 20% increments, the percentage of the total output capacity of chlorine being produced.

      Percentages from 2% to 10% are represented by blinking LED’s.

      Percentages from 20% to 100% are represented by solid LED’s.

      In Boost mode these LED’s scroll from left to right.

      Depending on which light is blinking simply press the More or Less button to increase or decrease percentage.

      So, long story short, your unit is working great 🙂

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