How to remove the air control knob on a 2001 Sundance Cameo Spa

our 2001 Sundance Cameo has developed a leak in a couple of places – one being under the top rail at one of the air control valves. It appears it’s just a PVC glue joint that has failed which is easy enough but I cannot get the valve out. Trying to see if it unscrews from the top but there doesn’t appear to be an obvious method. Once the valve is out, I can replace the T-connector and reglue the joint…


  1. Nigel


    The Air control body is one piece that is glued to the plumbing on the underside of the spa Curt. The body is secured to the shell with a lock ring. You have to cut the old body at the plumbing and replace the body if it is leaking at the plumbing. Let me know if you require any air control parts. We stock all of these parts and ship quick.

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