hot tub wont turn on after cleaning it first time this has happend

what to look for and is my tub still under warrenty


  1. Nigel


    Victor, is the topside control lit up or is it blank? The Sundance Hawthorne 680 series spa has a 3yr warranty on equipment and controls from the date it was installed at your home.

    • victor


      its a top control panel but the warranty is over now its been 5 years give or take got power going to the board but not comming off of it . fuse is ok

      • Nigel


        Victor check for power at your main TB1 terminal block. You should have 240vac +/- 10%. If you have this reading then check for 12-14vac at your transformer secondary yellow wires. If you have power here plug in a spare control panel. If you still have nothing you may have a bad PWA. Ifno power exists at the secondary check for power at the transformer primary red and black wires. If 240vac exists at the primary but is missing at the secondary you may have a bad transformer. No power at the primary indicates either an open 1.25amp fuse, 20/30 amp main fuse or a loose disconnected wire. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Spas Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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