Hot Tub Waterfall Light Issue

Just bought my hot tub and loving it, but noticed in the last couple of weeks my Waterfall light wouldn’t change on the left hand side, if would stay red, almost like one led bulb wouldn’t cycle through the colours, it was working fine before but within the last two weeks it’s been getting worse and worse, noticed it fine a few nights ago but last night the left hand side would start flickering, very weird. I attached a pic which doesn’t do it justice since you will think it just cycling through the colours, however I have a video of the issue which shows the issue clearly (light issue with flickering), appericate the help



  1. Nigel


    Peter power cycle the spa at your main gfci breaker for 15min and see if that improves the lighting at the waterfall.

    • Peter Glena


      Did that and worked for about 3 hot sessions now the waterfall doesn’t turn red, orange or purple, but all the other lights do.

      And the weridest thing is when I turn the lights to solid red the waterfall light is off, orange the waterfall is blue, but then green works, blue, and light blue.

      I also turned them off and relight them and still the same waterfall issue.

      I also have pictures to show this new effect if needed.



      • Nigel


        Peter I will have the Service Dispatch desk contact you to schedule a service call.

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