Hot tub jets

MThe jets on the hot tub are running constantly but there are no warning signs on the menue. What should I do?


  1. Nigel


    Laurie, try to shut your main power off at the GFCI breaker for 5 min and then re-apply power after 5 min. Essentially you will be rebooting the PWA on your spa. If all else fails visit our website to book emergency service.

    • Laurie


      The jets have stopped. The menu says overheat warning etc. Do I just wait or should I start a pub Party?

      • Nigel


        Laurie, if the spa in fact has overheated and is higher then your set temperature, most likely the jets being on for an extended amount of time caused the spa to overheat. You could lift open one side of the cover for a period of time and turn on the air blower to try and cool off the spa. Alternatively you could add some cold water to the filter compartment where the temp sensor is located to cool down the sensor. If all else fails contact our website to book emergency service.

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