Hot tub heating

I have a 2000 Sundance Portofino. I replaced the heating element and plugged the hot tub in. The indicator light for the heater didnt light up. And I can hear a periodic clicking noise coming from the control box. Can you help with this problem?


  1. Nigel


    Shawn with a call for heat take your multimeter and put the amp probe around one of the hot wires coming from the heater. Depending on if you have your Portofino converted to low voltage or you have it set for hi voltage you should have a current reading on your meter.
    With low voltage typically around 13amps. With hi voltage typically around 16amps. A current reading like this is proof the heater is heating. Check your topside control panel for error messages that might lead you to where the problem lies. If you have no current with a heat call check your wiring for breaks, burnt connectors or wires with burnt or worn out insulation. Also make sure you water level is high enough for your circ pump to keep prime. Be sure your filter is clean so as not to impede flow. If you have insufficient flow your heater likely won’t work consistently. If still no luck you could have a bad control panel and or PWA. If you would like a link to parts and pricing availability on control panels and PWA’s send me your serial number of your Sundance Portofino spa.

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