Hot Tub FL error

Maxxus 880 spa (September 2013) displayed FL error and red light came on. Switched out filters, reset breaker, and still having the same problem.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Lionel. Is it a flashing FLO message ie if flashes from FLO to the temperature, FLO and temperature or is it a solid FLO message?

  2. Harald


    My Sweetwater spa cayman shows just 3 red lines
    Can not bring it to run. If I press +&- same time for 5 sec, I get F0
    Any idea
    Best regards

    • Nigel


      3 lines are the Watchdog error code Harald. Except for a runaway heat condition most are caused by a fault circuit board, bad hi-limit sensor or temperature sensor. On rare occasions a control panel or a bad transformer will cause watchdog.

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