Hot tub error

I have a sundance 680 series and ive had issues with the hot tub getting the oh error from heating up with the cover on and dont know how to keep it cool. Also i just had a fl2 flow error so i tried cleaning my filter and then after turning off the breaker the pumps arent turning back on .


  1. Nigel


    Hi Ryan. Pretty common to have the OH message on spas with the hi ambient air temps we are experiencing. You could set you Primary filter settings to 1 x day and the lowest duration. Also set the spa for economy mode. Once we are out of the heat wave we are having you can revert back to factory default settings or what you had them before. You could also drain some hot water out of the spa and add some cool water and or leave you hot tub cover off or half open at night. If you have an external thermometer you can put in the spa to compare the temp to your control panel reading you will be able to see if it is an accurate temp reading of the spa water. If it is not then you could have an issue with your temp sensor. A FL2 message is usually caused by debris in the flow switch or a malfunctioning flow switch. If the FL2 message does not go away please contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair. After power cycling the spa it would be normal to see the pump and heater turn on but if you current water temperature exceeds your set temperature it may not. Depending on what your primary filter is set for and what mode you are in ie Standard, Day or Economy you may not see the pump come on after a power cycle if you current water temperature exceeds your set temperature.

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