Hot tub control pad

We have a Cameo hot tub, purchased 2013. We replaced the UV Bulb but are unable to reset the timer because nothing happens when pressing the set button. We also experienced the same issue with the lights button. We have turned the breaker off and on a few times to see if it would reset the control pad.


  1. Nigel


    Bill in Standard mode press the cycle button 3 times. The LCD screen will display U. At this time the system is ready to accept your changes by utilizing the up and down arrows to toggle the UV on/off and reset the countdown timer. Your full instructions can be found starting on page 58 of your Sundance Spas Owners Manual. If the cycle button is non responsive in Standard mode you could have a bad topside control panel or ribbon cable. If all else fails contact our Sundance Spas Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your 2013 Sundance Cameo Spa.

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