Hot tub behaviour

Our hot tub (sundance peyton) is doing 2 things.

1. When running there is a clicking noise (not the loudest thing in the world) coming from around the front. This has been happening I think since we inherited this hot tub from the previous owners of the house

2. When starting the pumps the jets seem to shoot out a lot of air when first activated and then it goes back to normal. And I’ve just noticed that when the pump cycle ends the filter receptacle is shooting out a whole bunch of air all at once. Are either of these normal? I just put a new filter in.


  1. Nigel


    Tyler this could be normal or you could have an airlock or low water level in the spa. First check your water level. Should be about 3/4 above the filter or just touching the bottom of your headrests.
    For an airlock you could remove your filter being careful that no larger debris gets sucked down the filter intake. Then run your garden hose with a hi psi nozzle into the filter intake hole for a minute or so. Put the filter back in afterwards.
    Most of the jets can be turned off by gripping them from the front and giving them a half rotation turn. Try the pump startup sequence again with the jets off and your air control knobs off and see if there is any difference.
    If all else fails contact our Sundance Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Peyton spa.

  2. Tyler


    Okay I know the water level is okay so I’ll try some of the diagnostic steps for an airlock (I’m guessing its not too bad of one otherwise I would have had an error code?).

    Do you have any comment about the subtle clicking/rattling noise?


    • Nigel


      Tyler it could be electronic like a cycling pump or heater relay if the water is to low, could be a loose piece or part on the mechanical in the equipment bay, could be something foreign like a rodent. They love to set up ranch in the equipment area because of the warmth from the pumps.

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