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Hi: Solar heated salt water in-ground pool. Opened in May 2010. When the solar is turned on, you see an inordinate amount of gurgling (bubbles) coming mostly from the return below the skimmer. (some bubbling occurs at the return near the steps at the other end of the pool.) The Cuddy red lights comes on and goes off almost in sync with increased then decreased water flow. The filter basket next to the pump usually is so full you can’t tell there is water inside when the pump is running, now there appears to be an air bubble. We cleaned the main filters twice recently. The solar doesn’t seem to be heating as quickly either and it seems as if the water pressure coming from the vents below the skimmer is slower than normal??




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    Steven, even though you have said you have cleaned the filters recently based on what you are saying that is still the first place to check and rule out. Remove your moduler filters from the filter case and run your pool for 10-15 minutes without the catridges. Evaluate your pressure coming from the jets as well as the other things that you are seeing. You may find that the filters stil require chemical cleaning or perhaps replacement. The results from this first troubleshooting approach wiould help us with helpful hints of next steps if required.

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