pool heater is showing 126
not heating
i turned power off for 45 minutes to re boot

problem persists

skimmer clean
pump basket clean


  1. Nigel


    Kori the 126 msg could mean you have a shorted or bad thermistor. Pull off the one cover on the water manifold covering the side protecting both the hi limit and thermistor. The thermistor is the top switch. Look for loose connections, broken or chewed up wires. Rodents love nesting in these areas. If things look ok at the switch open up the cabinet and follow the wires up to the pwa checking for breaks and good connections. If this all looks ok, turn the pump off and remove the switch with a wrench. Check that it is intact and hasn’t lost its metal sheathing exposing the internal. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm pool heater.

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