Heat not working in pool

Hi we have our temperature set to 84 on the pool and it is not maintaining that temperature currently at 77. I turned up the temperature to 90 on the remote but never increased on the actual heater itself still showed 84. I turned up to 90 on the heater too see if the heater would kick in and warmer water would come out of jets and nothing just pool temp water. Need some guidance hope we can just do over the phone or email.


  1. Nigel


    Chris is the heat pump turning on at all ie the fan or compressor when you make a call for heat? If not are there any error codes on the Heat pump LCD screen? Did you try to do a hard reset ie turn power off to all pool equipment including the automation?

    • Chris iwankow


      The fan is running and tried a reset shut off heater from control panel and waited to reset. After 5 mins it tried to come on but shut off again. Have a feeling the compressor is gone on it.

      • Nigel


        Chris if the fan comes on but the compressor does not after the countdown and you don’t see any error codes on the LCD screen you could have a bad PWA, loose or bad connection at the capacitor and or compressor or a bad capacitor and or compressor. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Pentair Heat Pump.

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