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I have an above ground pool that is heated by a teledyne-laars series 2 heater – model ESC125N.

I recently had a leak in the pressure switch that ended up pouring water onto the gas valve.

I have since corrected the pressure switch leak (tightened a bolt), but now gas does not seem to be getting to the pilot light.

I am trying to diagnose the problem. Could it be with the pressure switch, the gas valve or something else?

The gas valve is a Honeywell. The numbers I found are: VR8204A 2035

If you would like to contact me, please give me a shout at 204-983-4569


Mike Lund


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    Mike if you had pool water leaking onto the gas valve it could very well be damaged and not working properly anymore. If you do not have gas going to your pilot burner you could have a plugged pilot tube or pilot burner. Make sure your gas supply to the heater is turned on. Do a water column check at your gas valve to make sure you have proper gas supply coming from your gas meter to the gas valve inside the heater. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Teledyne Laars pool heater.

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