Flo Symbol

I have already reset my hot tub, removed filter let sit for 20 minutes still says ” Flo ” and the temp only heats up to 30 degrees when its set at 38. Not sure if there is an air lock or I need to replace flow sensor. what should be my next step.


  1. Nigel


    Justin does the FLO message flash between FLO and the temperature ie FLO, 30, FLO, 30 or is it just a solid FLO msg?

    • Justin


      It flashes between Flo and the temperature.

      • Nigel


        Justin, check the small circulation jet in the footwell of the spa. Check it with the jet pumps off to see if you have much water movement coming out of that circulation jet. If you don’t have much flow coming out of it you could have a plugged and or bad circulation pump. If so disconnect the hoses to the circ pump and check inside for a plugged pump. If you have good flow through the circulation jet check the cable coming from the Flow switch to the sensor harness on the PWA for breaks and or cuts. If the cable checks out ok check the clear Flow switch T fitting to see if any debris is plugging up the paddle assy. If all this checks out ok you could have a bad Flow Switch. Pop by our store for a Flow switch or Circ pump if you require or visit our online store to acquire one. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Marin Spa.

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