FLO message indicated

We have two different filters the single and a double (insert) filter. when we put the double insert filter in and tighten it up it slows the waterfall feature to a trickle, when we put the single filter in it flows fine and the error and red light go back to normal. The double filter is fairly new with no obstructions. Also when installing the filter we notice suction from both ends in opposite directions is this normal?


  1. Nigel


    Bill if the smaller disposable filter you are using is brand new and you still have reduced flow it sounds like you may be creating an airlock when you are installing it. Try burping the filter as you place it in the filter compartment ie let in a little water at a time carefully watching the water flow through the waterfall before you tighten down the filter into its spot. If there is still an airlock, try loosening the union or hose to the suction side of the circulation pump with the filter in place to release the airlock. Tighten the union or hose back down once the air is released. There is also an outside chance you may have debris in the impellor of the circulation pump that needs to be cleaning out if the airlock procedure does not work for you. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Spa.

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