I did a burn out treatment for a chlorine demand in my pool which turned it white and now my filters seem to be having a hard time clearing up the pool again as there has been no improvement in 2 days. When I opened the filter egg cartridge the tops of the filters were dry and clean while the bottom third portion were wet and needed to be rinsed. Is there a way to prevent air pockets like that in the filter and to ensure the filters are being used completely without opening up the cartridge to check?


  1. Nigel


    What make and model filter do you have Kyle?

  2. Kyle


    Hi Nigel,

    I have a System 3 Filtration model number S7M120

    • Nigel


      Hi Kyle the S7M120 is designed so large dirt goes into and gathers @ the bottom of the tank. The filter works as a seperator this way. Shallow pleats allow a more even coat holding more dirt across the filters evenly allowing heavy dirt to fall to bottom of the tank. A plugged air bleed could have a result of top of filter being clean and bottom dirty.

  3. Kyle


    What is a plugged air bleed and is there a way I can fix that or diagnose if it has passed?

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