Dyno-3-Zone Ozonator problems

I am trying to find out how to read voltage from the circuit board on my 2003 Sweetwater Cayman. My ozonator is inop, I suspect a burnt out bulb, but wanted to double check before I order a new bulb. i tried reading voltage at the 240vac setting. I read 0 volts. Is there a specific sequence to read this? Maybe the ozonator wasn’t supposed to be on at the time I read voltage.


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    Paul the ozone will run with the circulation pump unless the spa is in summer logic or the jets are on or the jets have been activated 5 minutes prior to testing.  Other then the 3 reasons listed the ozone should always be on.  If you don’t have a circulatioin pump the ozone will activate during a filter cycle or whenever there is a heat call.  If a jet was activated 5 minutes prior to testing, the ozone should not be on.

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