Draining Water

I have an Aqua Tech pool with the cartridge filter system, when draining water from the pump area, should I close any of the valves (ie going into the filter) or just leave everything open when opening the drain valve?


  1. Aqua-tech Support


    Tony, The end goal of the winterize with respect to the mechanical equipment is to have all of the water evacuated from all of the appliances and all of the plumbing that is affixed or associated with them. Once that is complete the triple action antigel is required to be inserted into all of the same components. As to which valves/plugs/fittings are to be opened or closed really depends on the individual equipment orientation. There is no definitive generic instruction that we are able to provide in a step by step manner, but clearly the end goal needs to be achieved. Sometimes a technician will open and close valves and plugs at different periods of the winterization. If you are unsure about if you will get all of the water out and the antigel in the service department is booking about 1 week out for closings. service@aqua-tech.ca for bookings

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