Draining our Sundance hot tub

We are draining our Sundance hot tub for the winter and just wanted to make sure we did not miss any steps. According to our service manual, it appears that the main white valve on ground facing out from middle front panel is all that needs draining. We did open right front panel and saw a small, clear hose running perpendicularly with a very small amount of water in it. We’re nit sure that needed to be drained as well and if so, how to do it?


  1. Nigel


    Hi Dave. Our Technicians blow the water out of the pumps, heater and internal plumbing and then chase the lines with a non toxic antigel agent. Opening the white valve will help remove water from the shell of the spa however a substantial amount of water still remains in the internal plumbing, air channel and pumps. We have a Tech in your area on Monday. Let me know if you would like him to perform winterizing procedures on your spa and I could have our dispatch desk contact you Monday morning.

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