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we just emptied and cleaned and refilled our sundance hottub and now are getting a flashing cool and alternately flo message. flo only stops flashing when the #1 jets are on and the heater symbol only comes on when those same jets are on also. what could be the problem?


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    Misty the COOL message is normal on a fresh fill of a Sundance spa. The COOL message will go away when the spa water temperature reaches within 15 degrees of your set temperature so if you are set for 104 the COOL message will go away when you attain approx 89 degrees. The flashing FLO message means the FLO switch is not closing. This could be a soiled filter or an airlock in the circulation pump line. You can try to remove your filter first and run the spa for several minutes without a filter to see if the FLO message goes away. If it does then replace your filter. If the FLO message stays try to force some fresh water with a garden hose in the hole that your filter attaches to. This could release a potential air lock in the line. The jet 1 pump is connected to a freeze line on the circulation line so that is why the FLO message goes away when you turn it on. It introduces extra water into the line which then closes the FLOW switch. If neither of these hints help you could have a bad connection at the FLOW switch or a bad FLOW switch or you could have an obstruction in the circulation line.

    Also feel free to browse other FLOW related topics in our community website. You may find some other helpful hints.

    If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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