Control panel

I have a 2006 Bahia spa that the control panel started flashing odd digits and after a day went blank and the buttons would not work. The heater and the pump still stayed on. Do I need a new control panel or is there more of a problem. Mother board?


  1. Nigel


    Rob, if the spa is still circulating and heating with a blank control panel the PWA is still working on some level with regular filter cycle programming and you could have a bad topside control panel. Open the equipment bay area and look for breaks or cuts in the ribbon cable from the topside panel to the PWA. If you don’t see any cuts or breaks try and jiggle the ribbon cable where it connects to the PWA. If no luck I would try a new topside control panel. If no luck with that I would try a new PWA. Always protect the spa from freezing temperatures if it stops circulating/heating. A space heater is a good tool to have onsite til help arrives. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Bahia Spa.

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