Control Panel Problem

Hi, I have a Sundance Spa Optima (OXO3LCD-100312732-0308). I am having problems with the main control panel, all function buttons work with the exception of the three pump buttons which do not operate. The pumps work fine and cycle correctly when turned with the icons showing in the LCD but the actual pump buttons do not switch on or off. Are you able to advise?


  1. Nigel


    Paul, sounds like you could have a bad connection from the ribbon cable to the circuit board and or a bad topside control panel.

  2. Tim Wiersma


    Hello, our 2006 Sundance Cameo has a control panel that is showing code “21b or 216”. I have not messed with any wiring or done anything recently that would make a sudden issue. Nothing works on the panel, although it is backlit. Still shows the heater and ozonator is working, which they are. None of the buttons work though. The remote pad, which operates the lights still works. I have turned off the breaker and let it sit for 15 minutes, turned it back on and still did the same problem. Serial # OXC3850 100202680 1005. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much, Tim

    • Nigel


      Could be a bad control panel Tim. Outside chance a bad board. Check the ribbon cable from the panel to the board for breaks.

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