Control Panel no power, tripping breaker

I have a Sundance Cameo 880 series, I had a watchdog error, turned out to be the temp sensor (replaced) worked for a few weeks, then started tripping main breaker, disconnected heater and breaker no longer tripped, but display/control panel does not light or work.

Don’t want to replace heater for a couple hundred $$ if there is something major .

What to check next??


  1. Nigel


    Chris you may have a bad heater. If there is still circulation in the spa then you also could have a bad Topside control panel. If there is no circulation in the spa you could have a bad PWA. If you would like a link to prices and availability on Heaters, Topside Panels and PWA’s send us the serial number of your Sundance Cameo Spa.

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