Changing pool filter / 5 alarm status

Our pool heater was giving us the 5 alarm status this morning. We changed the pool filters at lunch. While changing the filters, we followed the instructions as always but when it came time to release the pressure from the top of the “egg”, nothing came out. No sound. We went ahead and changed the filters and when we went to turn the system back on, water is supposed to shoot out from the top of the “egg” but nothing did this time. This has never happened before. The 5 alarm status is still on.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Bob. It sounds like some debris may be caught up in the air bleed T. If you unscrew it from the top of the filter and remove the gauge you could see if something is plugging it. With respect to the heat pump 5 alarm. This indicates 5 faults have occurred in 1 hour. This fault will automatically reset in one hour or can be manually reset by pressing the on/off button. Press the ON/OFF button to clear the alarm. Check the Heat Pump over the next few minutes/hours to see if alarm appears again. This alarm most likely caused the five alarms in one hour.

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