Bad Flow Switch??

We have a Sundance 2003 Caprio (Portofino) hot tub that is throwing an FL1 code. We have bled the lines and all the jets are working. What is the function of the flow switch? Can we bypass the flow switch to see if the switch is bad. Thank you. Mary Kay


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    Mary Kay, the primary purpose of the Flow Switch is to ensure that the required amount of water is flowing over the heater element before it engages. As well as bleeding the lines change/check your filter in the event that it is clogged ( this is often the case with FL1 code), also check for a sticking or damaged Weir gate. A Standard Trouble shooting approach would not recommend bypass of the Flo Switch, as that if there was not enough water travelling across the heater element and the flow switch was removed from the circuit damage could occur as the safety has been removed from the system. The Switch operation can be tested with an ohmmeter for continuity across switch terminals. This will isolate if the Flow switch is OK or needs replacing. Feel free to contact our customer care f you require a site visit a

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