Bad Board

I have a 2010 QCA GT-289 hot tub. Pump 1 runs almost continually, and pump 2 does not turn on, though I can hear the relay click when I press the button for it. I’ve plugged pump 2 into pump 1’s spot and it does work. The 20 Amp fuse was blown and I replaced it, but it did not help the situation. Checked for voltage coming out of pump 2 port, doesn’t seem to make sense to me, I’ve got 115v at the red wire, and 115v at the white wire, no voltage on the black. What is going on? I also replaced the upper control panel (had one on-hand), no change in behavior.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Michael. Plugging pump 2 into pump 1 connection and it working rules out the pump as an issue. If your wires on the plugs that go to the board are ok I’d say it sounds like you may have a bad board. Test the voltage with the connector in. If it’s a 230v pump you should have 230 across red and white and or black and white. If any wiring work has been done on the controller recently check that your voltage conversion jumper wires are in the correct spots for the jet 2 pump.

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