Aqua Spa Pak Needs Help

We have a 20 year old Aqua Spa Pak 240A-20-B Ser 36606 2hp 5.5kw 100gpm.

The switch that drives the heater will often click multi times before the heater lite will stay on and we often find the water temp is not consistent. We are in the middle of a lake on an island 250 mi from Wpg. What can I do to solve the problem.


  1. Reply

    Gary check your filter and also your water level.  Low and improper water level and or a soiled filter can cause the psi switch to act intermittently causing the heater light to do this.  The clicking sound you hear is likely the magnetic contactor which also could be a source of the lite not staying on if not directly being caused by a bad psi switch.  If you keep the spa covered when not being used inconsistent water temperature could be caused by either low water level, soiled filter or a bad thermostat. 

  2. Karen M Cork


    how do i switch off economy mode (spa is only heating up when used or when pump is on. drops temp between uses). I tried temp button + light button/ is that the right combo?

    • Nigel


      What’s the serial number of your spa Karen?

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