I have a 2005 Sundance hot tub and even though the water temp is about 16C, my display is showing an OH symbol after a few minutes of running and then it goes into the WATCHDOG mode and shuts down. The only way it will start up again is by heating up the circuit board with a hair dryer. Help!!


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    Bill it sounds like the capacitors are swollen on the PWA. Most likely the best place to start would be replacing the PWA.

  2. Bill Wiedenhoeft


    Is this a job that I could do. What is the PWA.

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    Bill the PWA is your master printed wiring assembly ie circuit board, mother board behind your Sentry Control Box.

    If you don’t have any technical, electronic training with printed boards your probably best leaving the R and R of yours to a qualified spa technician in your local region. An electrician may be able to pull it off if he has worked with printed boards.

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