Altamar “FLO” Notation

I have a ’99 Altamar Model 850. I just opened it for the summer and I have been getting a “FLO” notation since as follows: Pump 1 running at Hi or Lo, no FLO indication and heater works and flow switch visibly is closed. Pump 2 running have FLO indication and flow switch is open and finally with both pumps one and two off and temperature set above actual water temp there if a FLO indication, the flow switch is open and the heater does not come on. Is this an indication of a circulation pump failure? All other features seem to function normally.


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    John the scenario you describe would indicate a soiled filter. Remove your filter and attempt to run the spa just briefly ie 5min with only the circulation pump running and no filter. Make sure there is no larger debris that can get sucked through the plumbing near the filter compartment during this procedure. If the FLO message goes away replace your filter. If your filter is not causing this you could have a plugged circ pump or bad circ pump. Check to see that you have proper voltage at your circulation test points on the PWA when there should be volatge. In our community under common problems we have a section titled My Spa Hot Tub Control Panel Displays FLO. Please read this section as it has a good overview of what can cause a FLO message and the different variations. In some variations of the FLO message you could also have a bad connection to or a bad Flow switch or a dirty Flow switch or a bad PWA. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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