Sundance Spa – FL1 error code

My Sundance Certa 780 Series hot tub is showing an error of FL1. I went through the manual diagnostics and the error is still there. I noticed a leak while filling, let sit overnight and found a pipe disconnected. Reconnected and refilled and got the same message. Did the airlock procedure and noticed the cascade water fall is not flowing. Any ideas? Read other situations and saw I could fix the airlock by disconnecting the circulation line. Cnsidering the cascade malfunction, where would be the best place to retry. i live a long way from an authorized dealer.



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    Leonard what year Sundance Certa spa do you own?  You can find the year built sticker near the Sentry control box where your main PWA is.  The sticker will  have the date built of the spa and the serial number.

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